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things photoshop taught me:

1. there is always a way for something to be improved.
2. the smallest change can make the hugest difference.
3. there is always more than one way to do something.
4. there is always something new to be learned.
5. just because you see something wrong with something, doesn’t mean someone else will.
6. just because you can’t see something wrong with something doesn’t mean someone else won’t.
7. always save your accomplishments.
8. sometimes simplicity is key.
9. the importance of balance.
10. never be afraid of your creativity.
11. everything can be made pretty.
 11.1. looks can be deceiving.
12. the work of creating 300 different anything from scratch is vastly underestimated.
13. the work of a graphic designer is vastly underestimated.
14. people don’t know what they like until they see what they don’t like.
15. people will always seem nice before you start to work for them.
16. just because you can’t see a use for something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one.
17. no one knows what the hell the art history brush does.